White Seabass Tag Recoveries

Deployment and recapture specifics for 25 White Seabass tag recoveries

Surgically Implanting Archival Tag

     Depth and temperature profile for a 41" female White Seabass that was released off La Jolla kelp on 3/17/10, for the two week period prior to the recovery of tag #A02111 on 8/15/10 off Point La Jolla.


Surgically Implanting Archival Tag

  Understanding white seabass movement patterns is critical to effective fishery management.  This project uses electronic tags to determine white seabass horizontal and vertical movement patterns relative to temperature preferences off the California coast.  Since April 2008, the Catalina Seabass Fund has contributed in the deployment of more than 200 electronic tags in wild-caught white seabass. This data represents the first available information on white seabass movement patterns over periods at liberty exceeding 3 years. The recovery of tagged white seabass by both recreational and commercial interests throughout much of their range validates the economic importance of this valuable species.

WSB Archival Tagging
Catalina Island

Close-up Video of Surgical Implementation Process

  Archival Tag

Research Vessel "Half Moon"